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Steve James

​       Actor, Voice Actor, Writer, Stand Up 
British born, all British and Commonwealth accents,
U.S. regional, and a creative mix.
Demo Reel 2014-16: 6 Characters - 4 Mins.

Latest News:

January 2018          Filming 'Mansion Splitters' (NIgel) for Hallmark                                           Movies

November 2017     Filming 'Sancte Johannes De Brebeuf" (Monsignor                                     Marini) for McFaul Productions

                               Vancouver Premiere of 'The Iron Sixth at VanCity                                       Theatre

September 2017    Premiere of  MOW 'Drink, Slay, Love' on Lifetime                                        (

August 2017          Auditions ! Auditions ! 

                              New Voice Over clips added to the 'Voice Actor' page.

                               Recording character Voice for (Josephs) for  Video                                     game for Over The Moon Games. Released 2018                                       (

March 2017            Staged Reading of Twelfth Night for Western Gold                                     Theatre ( Malvolio

February 2017:      Recording Commercial Narration for Blink Marketing


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